The latest Quaive release is MARS (version 1.2). The latest community release is GAIA (version 1.1).

What’s new in MARS


  • Administrator tools
  • Bookmarks
  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • News publisher
  • Todo


  • The dashboard can be customized per user
  • Welcome splash screens for the users with can be used to train the users after an upgrade


  • Improved locking support

What’s new in GAIA

Activity stream

  • it is now enabled also on workspace documents
  • posts and comments can be edited and deleted
  • the posts now fully support attachments previews
  • posts can be tagged and we have a tag streams views
  • you can follow tags and view a stream filtered to your interests


  • A pluggable system has been setup to include a growing ecosystem of apps
  • The case Manager app allows the users to have a full control on the ongoing cases


  • Extended sidebar functionality. We now have improved bulk actions to cut, copy, paste, delete, share, and download multiple objects at once
  • We support archiving workspaces, cases and documents
  • Workspaces and Cases can be grouped in divisions
  • Workspaces and Cases can accept guest users
  • Cases can be frozen


  • The dashboard page is now customizable site wide
  • Added the possibility to easily add some javascript in each page (useful, e.g. for adding piwik or google analytics tracking code)
  • The search UI has grown in functionality. We have a complex faceting system and the search results are divided in categories (All results, Peoples, Files, Images)
  • Each search result has a rich preview.
  • The search options parameters are automatically stored for each user to provide a personal experience
  • User profile improved search for user own documents
  • User profile editing improved (avatar and other field controlled through the web)

Quaive codebase

  • Is now tested against the last stable Plone version (5.0.7 at the time of writing).
  • The userprofile API has new and more performant methods
  • SOLR: maintenance views
  • Membrane groups
  • WYSIWYG editor switch to redactor