Getting Started with Quaive

New in version 1.0.

Welcome to Quaive! You have probably tried Quaive on a testserver or installed it yourself, and now you want to configure it for real for your organisation? Let us explain better how Quaive is organised and how you should set things up so that you can get most out of your Quaive Social Intranet.

In Quaive, everything is about People and Content. Here is how it breaks down:

  • People create Workspaces
  • People create content in Workspaces
  • The social stream transports what’s going on to everybody in the organisation
  • People post updates to the stream
  • Content changes and comments go into the stream
  • Apps make it easy to find needed content right away
  • The dashboard aggregates and personalises current information

To do all of this, you need to prepare a few things. This guide shouldn’t take you any longer than ten minutes to get through, front-to-back.