New in version 1.0.

Quaive is a social intranet collaboration solution.

We’ve specifically developed the Quaive software to deliver the balance of social tools, structure, and process that customers demand to successfully introduce a modern digital workplace into their organisation.

  • Be productive
    Provide staff with the tools and information they need to get things done
  • Work together
    Strengthen internal communication, engage employees, build a sense of community
  • Stay organised
    Manage key tasks and common business processes; keep up-to-date
  • On any device
    Mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop

Quaive is a web based social intranet. However you should see Quaive more as an Application than a Website, even though there are a few website like aspects in it, like the news or the library. It performs much more application like tasks for you like aggregating information on the dashboard, support to share documents with your team and providing apps, which are small applications in itself.

The main sections in Quaive are:

  • Dashboard - An aggregation of everything that is going on - personalised for you.
  • News - A trail of what’s going on within your organisation.
  • Library - All information that concerns everybody in the organisation.
  • Workspaces - All information that concerns your teams.
  • Apps - All information that concerns you.

The Open Source version of Quaive goes also under the name Plone Intranet and has been created by a team of Plone Solution Providers in an effort to unify available solutions for intranet under a designed and streamlined solution. The effort is organised in a consortium with currently 12 members, totalling 49 contributors in 6 countries.